New Lexus LX 470 and Land Cruiser 100 Suspension Accumulators

The LX 470 (and Toyota's new Land Cruiser 100) uses one accumulator for each wheel in the active height control (AHC) suspension. The LX 470 accumulator is not rugged enough to be refurbished and must be replaced when the charge loses it damping ability. Internal diaphragm rupture is common when they reach 4-6 years old and some 80-100K miles, depending on loads carried, temperature, road conditions. An internal design feature causes very high bending stress and cracking of the age-hardened diaphragm after about half of the nitrogen charge has leaked out. If your LX 470 starts to get a hard and bouncy ride, then the accumulators are flat. DO NOT CONSIDER CHANGING TO 'standard springs and shocks.' The LX-470/LC-100 AHC system is a vital component in vehicle roll-over prevention. The AHC system actively works to reduce body sway and significantly increases vehicle stability in emergency conditions such as abrupt lane changes, blow-outs, drop a wheel off the edge of the road,etc.

P.S. Accumulators are sometimes also referred to as nitrogen globes, damping globes, or even 'shocks'.

Select the LX-470 accumulator package desired. Installation instructions can be found here. Please contact B&B Suspension if you have any questions.