In 1996, B&B invented a method and system for modifying Q45a factory accumulators so they can be safely and reliably recharged. Over one thousand recharged accumulators are in service on Q45a cars, with more added every month. Units originally recharged in 2000 are just now needing re-recharging. B&B installs aircraft quality parts on the modified accumulators after they are cleaned and inspected. The accumulators are then pre-charged with inert gas to the proper pressure. 6 different charge pressures are needed for the 9 accumulators on the Q45a. The fully charged accumulator is held for 24 hours and then inspected to ensure 100% pressure retention. The expected life of the recharged accumulator is equal to original, and they can be re-recharged again and again as needed.

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Lexus LX 470 accumulators carry a three year, non-transferable warranty. Conditions are as follows: first year after purchase, full discount; month 13-36 prorated. NO WARRANTY on parts damaged by contamination or tampering