Installing front Infinity Q45a Accumulators

Q45a Front Strut Accumulator Removal

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Removing and Reinstalling Suspension Accumulators on the Q45a

Written as if only the front strut accumulators are being removed.

1. Support the front end on jack stands.

2. Remove the plastic half rings on the top of each front strut.

3. Lift up the rubber cap and slide it out of the way to expose the brake bleeder screws.

4. Attach a rubber hose to the brake bleeder screw and carefully open them, one at a time, and release the system hydraulic pressure.

5. Close the bleeder screws when all the pressure is released.

6. Now working under the car in front of the wheels, loosen the 3 bolts holding one of the accumulators until the unit can be moved freely. Then remove 2 of the bolts, carefully checking to ensure the residual pressure is not excessive. If the accumulator can be moved by hand back on its seat, remove the remaining bolt, and slowly lift the accumulator off the seat and central pipe fitting. Some oil may spray and drip out. The accumulator will be full of oil so be prepared with a drip pan or container to catch the 4-6 oz of oil.

7. Reinstall the recharged accumulator right away. (Note the recharged accumulators may appear shorter than those currently installed. Infiniti made two different heights but they have the same internal volume.) Rotate the accumulator so the heavy weld near the bottom faces out and does not interfere with the base. Tighten the bolts to 15 ft-pounds.

8. Repeat for the other side.

9. Remove jack stands.

10. Add enough fresh Active Suspension Fluid (Nissan Only please) to replace all the fluid bled out and spilled.

11. Start the car and check for leaks.

12. Now carefully crack open the brake bleeders again to allow any air to escape. Re-close the screws snugly (not too tight!).

13. Replace the rubber cap on each strut and reinstall the plastic half circles to hold the rubber in place.

14. Drive smoothly!!